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Blueyonder launches wireless starter pack
Wednesday 06 August 2003 09:33:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Telewest Broadband via its Blueyonder brand has released a wireless starter pack for use with their cable modem services. The £35 pack includes Netgear 802.11b wireless hardware that will plug into cable modem (set-top box) and then allow a computer with an 802.11b wireless card to access the cable modem as if connected by a cable.

The pack is believed to comprise of a Netgear MA101 USB 802.11b adapter and a Netgear MA102 Wireless Access Point. The use of an access point restricts you to a single computer, since the cable modem will provide a single IP address. Unfortunately there is no option for a Netgear wireless router, so people wanting to share the connection between say an X-Box and a PC are still left on their own.

For people using Telewest via the digital set-top boxes avoiding the need for an ugly network cable from the back of the main TV to the computer will be welcomed. It would be nice to see more providers offering a wider choice of hardware, especially as home networking is proving to be in high demand by broadband users.


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