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Free Migration with Pipex
Monday 07 July 2003 19:17:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Pipex has re-jigged its pricing again and has some new offers for people. People switching to Pipex from other providers can save the migration fee (£35+VAT) as Pipex will pay the BT Wholesale charge for you. New users to Pipex have various package options, the Xtreme Solo2Go package has an initial fee of £14.95+VAT (£17.57 inc VAT), which includes activation, Speed Touch USB modem and two micro-filters, with a monthly fee of £19.95+VAT (£23.44 inc VAT).

Details of this package and its various terms and conditions can be found on the Pipex site here. For people who do not want the offered hardware, then activation is free on the Xtreme Solo package.

Pipex apparently has over 60,000 users on its DSL products who are using more than 500,000 GigaBytes of traffic a month, around 277MB (MegaBytes) per user per day. People may recall that NTL when there was all the talk of their bandwidth limits was said to have a 100MB per day average for its users.


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