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802.11g Wireless specification is now a standard
Friday 13 June 2003 11:43:00 by Andrew Ferguson

The Register has the news that 802.11g is now officially ratified and therefore inter-operability testing can start once manufacturers release their final firmware versions.

802.11g has a theoretical limit of 54Mbps, but in actual use this is around 20Mbps (mega bits per second) on a pure 802.11g network. The network will run slower if it is a mixed network of 802.11b and 802.11g devices.

Several wireless service providers have being waiting for this news, to ensure they do not get caught out with non-standard kit. Of course in the main having the ability to download 20Mbps over a wireless Internet connection is really limited by the size of the providers connection to the Internet, which may be as small as 2Mbps and shared between many people.


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