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Version 6 of BT Wholesale's Availability Checker Re-released
Tuesday 10 June 2003 21:56:00 by Andrew Ferguson

BT Wholesale has released Version 6 of its checker to service providers. It was originally released on 30th May, but was withdrawn to fix some issues that only exhibited themselves on the 'live' servers.

Version 6 is designed to be a significant improvement over previous versions, some of the new features are:

  • Real time checking for incompatible products on an ADSL line
  • Improved feedback, including flagging TPON, DDI and Featurenet lines.
  • Indicators to show that exchange is part of an Exchange Activate scheme
  • New PSTN lines should show up next day, rather than up-to 42 days later. Note: This feature is not due until end of July at the earliest.

The new features are dependent on providers upgrading to the Version 6 tracker. This means that variations in the performance of ISP based checkers is likely to increase in the next few months, as they slowly upgrade.


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