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Nildram launch dslXtra services
Friday 11 April 2003 20:09:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Nildram has launched its 1Mbps and 2Mbps 50:1 contention services. A trial has been running for some time, but their website shows that a full launch of the product range has taken place.

These new services are again run using the BT Datastream product in conjunction with In Span Handover. So are similar to those offered by some other Service Providers. The pricing is £39.99 inc VAT for 1Mbps, and £58 inc VAT per month for the 2Mbps service. The activation fee on both services is £58.75 inc VAT.

At this time, while nationwide service is claimed, only around 70% of the currently enabled BT ADSL exchanges can receive the service (note: the Office 1Mbps and 2Mbps products are available on all BT ADSL exchanges) . The package is interesting because it includes a download cap of 150GB per month, which averages out to 5GB a day.

Nildram has a short FAQ for the product that can be read here.


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