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OFTEL release March 2003 Broadband Brief Document
Wednesday 09 April 2003 19:08:00 by Andrew Ferguson

OFTEL has released its latest Internet and Broadband Briefing. These monthly briefings act as a summary of current activity within the UKs residential and SME Internet marketplace.

The headline figures this month are, over 1.77 million Broadband subscribers, 960,000 using cable modems and 810,000 using ADSL. The cable modem figures appear to include 128kbps users, because OFTEL consider it Broadband type technology. Apparently 13% of UK homes are now connected to the Internet via Broadband and 16% of SMEs, this compares to 7% of homes in August 2002 and 10% of businesses (note: business use is only cable and DSL lines).

It also appears that the UK's position on pricing as well as take up has improved. For residential ADSL services, we are now in-line with the US and Germany, cheaper than France, but still playing catch up to Sweden. This is based on figures from August 2002, so given the pace at which pricing changes it may be very different now.

Section 19.3 of the briefing brings some hope for leased line users, with discussion of OFTELs ruling on Private Partial Circuits. The enforced price cuts are aimed at stimulating the retail market for leased lines.


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