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Glimmer of hope for those afflicted by TPON
Thursday 20 March 2003 09:28:00 by Andrew Ferguson

BT Wholesale is looking at methods to help those users unable to get ADSL currently because their telephone service is delivered by a 'Telecommunications Over Passive Optical Network' (TPON) system.

BT is assessing which TPON areas have customers within the theoretical range for DSL, and whether it is economic to make use of a limited amount of existing copper that is in-situ or possibly lay enough copper cabling to satisfy Broadband demand in the TPON areas.

This is the first sign of an end to the wait for those people stuck on fibre optics but currently with no chance of Broadband via BT. Until now people were met with a stone wall. It cannot be stressed enough that this limited copper rollout will not ensure that all TPON fed customers can get DSL, but a good proportion should be able to benefit.

When? Well at present it is looking like the second quarter of the financial year 2003/2004, so sometime away.


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