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Alcatel Speed Touch 510 Review

Routed IP Configuration File [back to the review]

This is a sample routed IP config. Various parts below have been replaced in red where you need to enter this information. Mostly this is available from your ISP. If you don't understand what any of this information means, then maybe a routed IP configuration is not for you.

This config also shows you how to allow the router to accept ICMP ping packets to the routers WAN interface also. This is highligted in blue. To see the way the information should be set out with valid data, check here. You should also check the disclaimer on that page.

---- ---- include ---- ----
[ env.ini ]
set var=CONF_REGION value="UK"
set var=CONF_PROVIDER value=""
set var=CONF_DESCRIPTION value="PPPoA (always-on) no NAT, no DHCP."
set var=CONF_SERVICE value="Routed IP"
set var=CONF_DATE value="12 Mar 2002"
set var=CONF_VERSION value=""
set var=HOST_SETUP value="auto shortcut"
set var=DSL_ADDR value="0*38"
set var=PPPoA_userid value="{username@isp}"
set var=PPPoA_passwrd value="{password}"
set var=passwrd value="{router_password}"
set var=userid value="{router_username}"

[ phone.ini ]
add name=pppoa addr=0*38 type=ppp

[ qos.ini ]
add name=default class=ubr tx_peakrate=0 tx_sustrate=0 tx_maxburst=0 rx_peakrate=0 rx_sustrate=0

[ bridge.ini ]
config age=300

[ brfilter.ini ]

[ pptp.ini ]

[ dhcp.ini ]
config autodhcp=off scantime=20 spoofing=off trace=off
policy verifyfirst=off trustclient=on
spoof failtime=4 errorlt=60 dodlt=10

[ mer.ini ]

[ ppp.ini ]
ifadd intf=pppoa
rtadd intf=pppoa dst= src= metric=1
ifconfig intf=pppoa dest=pppoa user=
{username@isp} password={password} proto=pppoa accomp=on addrtrans=no unnumbered=on status=up
ifattach intf=pppoa

[ cip.ini ]

[ nat.ini ]
bind application=ils port=1002
bind application=ils port=ldap
bind application=RAUDIO(PNA) port=7070
bind application=IRC port=6667
bind application=RTSP port=554
bind application=FTP port=ftp
bind application=H323 port=1720

[ pfilter.ini ]
chain delete chain=source
chain create chain=source
chain delete chain=forward
chain create chain=forward
chain delete chain=sink
chain create chain=sink
rule create chain=source index=0 dstintfgrp=!wan action=accept
rule create chain=source index=1 prot=icmp icmptype=echo-reply action=accept
rule create chain=source index=2 action=drop
rule create chain=forward index=0 srcintfgrp=wan dstintfgrp=wan action=drop
rule create chain=sink index=0 srcintf=eth0 srcbridgeport=1 action=accept
rule create chain=sink index=1 srcintfgrp=!wan action=accept
rule create chain=sink index=2 prot=icmp icmptype=echo-request action=accept
rule create chain=sink index=3 action=drop

[ pfirewall.ini ]
assign hook=sink chain=sink
assign hook=forward chain=forward
assign hook=source chain=source

[ ip.ini ]
apadd addr={router IP}/{subnet in / notation} intf=eth0 type=1 
config forwarding=on firewalling=on redirects=on sourcerouting=off netbroadcasts=off ttl=64 fraglimit=64 defragmode=nat addrcheck=static mssclamping=on
ifconfig intf=loop mtu=1500 group=local
ifconfig intf=eth0 mtu=1500 group=lan
ifconfig intf=pppoa mtu=1500 group=wan

[ dnsd.ini ]
domain domain=lan
add hostname=SpeedTouch

[ dhcc.ini ]
config trace=off

[ system.ini ]
setpassword password={router_password}
config upnp=on mdap=on

[ endofarch ]
---- ---- end include ---- ----

John Hunt

The contents of this review should not be relied upon in making a purchasing decision—You should always discuss your requirements with your service provider and hardware supplier.