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Headline Date
Another snippet on the NTL 100Mbps trial Fri, 10 February 2006
Foula surfers suffering through lack of satellite connection Fri, 10 February 2006
Ofcom's Consumer Policy under review Fri, 10 February 2006
BT plays down the idea that it is after Pipex Thu, 09 February 2006
BT Group publishes third quarter results Thu, 09 February 2006
ASA criticises Wanadoo "up to 8 Meg" broadband claims Wed, 08 February 2006
Are Cable and Wireless to pull out of the retail broadband sector? Sun, 05 February 2006
Welsh Broadband Support Scheme reaches end of the road Fri, 03 February 2006
Users from early ADSL trials hit problems Fri, 03 February 2006
NTL in trials of a 100Mbps service Fri, 03 February 2006
Update on Freedom2Surf issues Fri, 03 February 2006
Eclipse revamps its website Fri, 03 February 2006
250,000 unbundled lines in the UK Fri, 03 February 2006
New planning regulations in Wales Wed, 01 February 2006
France Telecom in Fibre to the Home trials in France Wed, 01 February 2006
THUS Group agrees to buy two other providers Wed, 01 February 2006
Bulldog to expand ADSL2+ trial Wed, 01 February 2006
Aramiska satellite service update Tue, 31 January 2006
E7Even users experience problems with service Mon, 30 January 2006
Community Broadband Network helping affected Aramiska customers Sat, 28 January 2006
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